HILO Spinning Machine

HILO Spinning Machine

The spinning machine HILO challenges the process by which yarn is produced, making it more efficient, personalised, and sustainable.

HILO enables the user to determine the textile properties at the very beginning of its manufacturing process, the yarn spinning. The HILO software translates a desired pattern or an image into a yarn thickness, which can vary from very light and loose to hard and thick. After the yarn is spun, it can be used in a preferred textile construction technique. With unique tactile and aesthetic qualities, a finished piece can be applied in textile, fashion, interior or industrial design.

The innovation of HILO lies in its flexibility and ability to produce yarn of desired tactility in a single spin. It is also sustainable, as it produces only the required amount of yarn. HILO reinvents textile manufacturing by reevaluating the potential of traditional yarn spinning techniques.



plain weave with Wool and Nylon 


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